Plan prices not the same in my account


I notice the main hosting page lists a starter package for $2.59/month for 3 years. But when I go to add it and login, my shared hosting page says it’ll be three times that. Are these prices only for new sign ups? What kind of deals do us long-term customers get and how can I access them?


Discounts for new accounts is common, not only for web hosting, but pretty much across every subscription type billing.

I agree it seems unfair to existing loyal customers, but it seems to have become standard somehow.


As @keyplyr pointed out, there are steep discounts for new multi-month subscribers. For example, to get the same discount as a new 1-year Shared-Unlimited plan, I’d have to renew with a 5-year Shared-Unlimited plan.

However, I believe the month-by-month prices are identical for both new and old customers. @threebluestars, what service plan are you currently on? A Shared-Starter or Shared-Unlimited (mine say “Happy Hosting”, which is the old name for Shared-Unlimited)?


I was previously on the Happy Hosting (Shared Unlimited), but dropped it about two years ago because I couldn’t afford the cost (I’m in Canada, so the exchange rate made one year close to $160-$170).

The options I see now are $10.95/month, $9.95 month for one year ($119.40), $8.95/month for 2 years ($214.80), $7.95/month for 3 years ($286.20) or $6.95/month for 5 years ($417.00).

No reward for being a long term customer is really sad. Makes it easy to decide to go elsewhere and just chase deals every few years.


Ah, so you have an account, but no hosting service plan (or a closed service plan). This help article suggests contacting support to get setup with a different plan. To bad they don’t have a smoother process.

Adding a Starter Shared hosting plan if you have a registration only account

If your account was previously opened as a Domain Registration only account, no hosting plans are active.
Contact support if you wish to add a Starter Shared hosting plan


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