Plain-text upon page load

For a split second while loading, my website displays mostly plain-text instead of the actual website. Any idea how to fix this? Screenshot attached. 19%20PM

I don’t see the plain-text when loading your site. From the screenshot, it looks like you are logged into WordPress – maybe it only happens when logged in and the WP banner is displayed?

Just loaded the site in Incognito mode logged out of WP and the same thing happened. Tried it in both Firefox and Chrome. :confused:

Typically, flashes of un-styled content are caused by late loading of CSS style sheets. Late loading is often causes by non-deferred script elements placed before CSS link elements.

On your site, a script element (loading from CDNs) appear before the main CSS stylesheet link (autoptimize_e619*.css). That could be the causes of the problem:

<script src="" ...></script>
<link type="text/css" href="*.css" ... />

Another odd thing I noticed is that the autoptimize_e619*.css styles are linked twice. Once in the head, and again at the very end of the page. That’s probably harmless, but might be worth correcting.

I will play around with the Autoptimize and/or Cloudflare settings.

Fixed it. Thank you!!

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