Plagued with spam - can I add a plugin to Squirrelmail

I’m using Dreamhost as my primary email and until recently have not had much of a problem with spam. However, in the last few weeks I have been plagued with it and the current filters are about 50% effective. I’m getting up to about 40 per day in my inbox, and similar in my quarantine folder.

In the Squirrelmail web front end I don’t seem to have an option to move emails to the quarantine folder where I can then blacklist and delete.

Can I add a plugin that will intelligently learn what I think is spam? (such as BayesSpam or similar) Or is there a way I can move spam from my inbox to the quarantine folder? Is there another webmail front end that has these features that I can use?



Dreamhost gives you a pre-installed choice of 2 webmail front end apps. Squirrelmail and roundcube. AFAIK neither of them, as installed, let you add additional plugins.

You can however roll your own. That is you can install any webmail app of your choosing with whatever options or plugins you need or want. The downside is that now it’s up to you to do the heavy lifting when it comes to upgrades, security concerns and the like.

If you opt to take that route and want the default DNS entry for ‘webmail.’ to be deleted you have to contact support, the panel will claim that DNS entry is not editable.

Great, I might have a look at roundcube before I launch myself into installing a new web front end!



To test drive roundcube, without changing the control panel option for the entire domain, you can visit and use your full email address as the user, and of course your email password for the password.