Placing Flash on-top of img map

Is it possible to place flash on-top of an image that also contains a link map (image map)?
For example:
Can I place the “simple viewer” (flash) on-top of the header image and retain the links on the image?

Can I place that flash movie trailer on-top of the header graphic?

Update, I am now using the quicktime streaming function of dreamhost for my trailer:
How can I embed that into the header image?

If I use z-index, I have to use absolute positioning, which messes up the centering of the header image with the users browser :frowning:

This works for me in IE 6 and Firefox 3 on Windows XP.

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Thanks Atropos7,

The only thing is the image map (links) aren’t working for me, do they work for you?

I guess I can recreate a map for each image section, is that correct?

I truly appreciate all the help & effort you put into helping me on this :smiley:

Yeah, didn’t take time to fix the image map. So you will need two image maps.

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Cool, Thanks Again…
BTW, what did you use to create this?

[quote]Cool, Thanks Again…
BTW, what did you use to create this?[/quote]
Only needed a graphics program to slice up the header image. Edited the XHTML and CSS by hand.

I think it would have worked without splicing if you had just positioned the header as relatiive - it establsihes the header as a containing block. Then include the movie as a child of the header. Then the movie can use absolute positiioning - offset from the header.

The only difference from that and my approach was that I used absolute positioning to place the image pieces around the movie.

Setting the width of the header and then using “margin: 0 auto” centers it horizontally in the page.

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