Pl script not sending mail, but no error message

this form mail script worked on my previous host, but isn’t now. It appears to work, takes me to the return page, and gives no error message, but the email doesn’t come. This script did previously work fine, so I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks.

Well, first suggestion is to be a bit more specific about the script you’re using. Is the source available for download somewhere? Is it trying to send by sendmail or SMTP, and is it configured correctly?

as far as i can tell, the script is configured correctly. and it did work on my old host. I think now the problem is with the mail forwarding. I think I set it up correctly but it isn’t working.

I set up the address and selected to have it forward to my hotmail account, but no mail is coming thru…I dunno what could be wrong.

never mind, seems to be working now, tho I haven’t done anything…maybe it just takes a while, lol. thanks.

Please, please please also make sure that the script you’re using can’t be exploited to send spam. If it’s a Matt Wright’s script, most likely it can, so please replace it with the one from or use our version at


I got this script to replace the one from Matts…It will only send mail to my email, and as far as I know is very secure.