PiXfr Photo (PPM)

I cant run PiXfr Photo (PPM) on dreamhost

I have used this script in lots of hostings

I get this error:
main picture directory not found

any idea what would be the problem? Im using php4

sounds like a path issue perhaps, but you’ll have to give us some more information before we can help.

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what info do you need?

What php config should be causing this?

well, how have you configured the script? is there a config file that has these settings, and if that’s the case what do you put in as the path to your main directory?

What steps have you gone through to get this working, and what have you done so far to trouble shoot it. Since I’m not familiar with the program you’re trying to use I can’t say, “check this and that… Go here…” but if you provide some details there’s a good chnace someone here will be able to help you figure out what’s wrong.

A link can sometimes be helpful so others can see the issue and source code and the like.

art.googlies.net - personal website