Pixelpost Upload Troubles

Does anyone have good ideas about installing Pixelpost (photoblog) on Dreamhost?? I am getting the following message when uploading images:

Warning: imagejpeg(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/.javier/alexknapp/armchairtourist.net/includes/functions.php on line 92

Warning: chmod(): No such file or directory in /home/.javier/alexknapp/armchairtourist.net/includes/functions.php on line 94

Pixelpost otherwise works fine. All the DBs are in place, and the web interface works as well.

Please Help!


I installed on a test directory. To get it to work for me I had to set the subdomain to use PHP5, and add error_reporting(0); to the /admin/index.php

After doing that, and making sure all the directories in the options menu were set correctly I got it working.


I tried this. No error messages (not exactly a surprise), but I’m not getting a successful upload, either.


The image name uploads, but not the image itself. Any other ideas?