Piwik username and password!?

I installed piwik through the one click install and it just goes to a login screen asking for username and password, which I never was asked to set. According to their site, there should be an install screen, but I’m not seeing that. I never got an email with the ‘install instructions’ from the dreamhost installer robot. wtw.

I recently installed Piwik using the one click install and I did receive an email from DreamHost support with my new username and password.

I suggest on the Web Panel you look way down on the left hand side selecting Main Menu > Support > Support History. The full content of all of the emails I have received from DreamHost then appears on my screen. Hopefully you will find your username and password in one of the emails.


thanks for that… it is indeed there. the email was definitely never sent, though. but at least i know to check there now.
Was trying to set it up manually but having a hell of a time getting access to mysql databases etc…