Piwigo Install

  1. If I’m in the wrong forum, send me to the right (correct) one.
  2. I tried installing Piwigo. When I first tried to use it it told me to install it. It told me that DH had given me all the info I needed to fill in to make it go. I thought DH had, indeed, done that and I proceeded to fill in the boxes. Piwigo would have none of it. I tried re-entering the required information several (more than 6) times. All with the same result – unable to connect to the server. The missing data that prevented connection was buried deep in the Piwigo directory at piwigo/include/dblayer/functions_mysql.inc.php.

I figured that 6 tries was enough and that I would start over. I removed the mysql data base, nuked the directory from the server using FTP and tried to do a one-click install from the DH Web Panel. I got a message that Piwigo was already installed and implied that I was SOL.

Any suggestions? They’d be welcome. Love, GOR
Here is the answer to part of my question. To permit re-installation of Piwigo, I had to use the Manage Installed Applications button on the One-Click Installations page on the DH Web Panel. You must use FTP to remove the Piwigo directory from the server then use the DH Web Panel to remove the Piwigo app from the DH list. There is an option to remove everything all at once but you get a warning that you might wipe out your whole site so I chickened out and just removed Piwigo from the list. I was able to add Piwigo to my site. Now I just have to figure out how to make it work. More later. Love, GOR