Pipe Email

I sent a support ticket to DH about sending incoming mail to a php file, they said it was possible, and to ask here.

I have looked at the wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Procmail and it says that, that method is out dated.

So I ask, what is the proper way to send an email to a php script?


If you need to use procmail for this sort of thing, you can send email directly to the FTP account. For instance, if you’re logging in as “dreamhoster” on “tetris”, you’d send the email to "dreamhoster@tetris.dreamhost.com".

Does this work for a catch-all, because that is what I have set up?

Do I have to set anything up in the web panel?

My server is: wonderwoman
My ftp is:userx

I would send it to: userx@wonderwoman.dreamhost.com


Got it!

This works: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Email_to_Script


There are a couple free/paid services out there that will help you get up and going with somewhat less tinkering. You might be interested in checking out:
Free basic service for posting emails to a remotely hosted script
Premium service for posting emails and attachments to a remotely hosted script