Ping time


We host our website with dreamhost.
The everything is great exept the ping time(200ms) from France (where we are located)
any idea to improve this ?

well, DH data-centre is located in US. There is nothing we can do to improve the ping time unless DH has a data-centre in France.

But you can turn on caching to improve the site performance. If you are serious about the speed, you can try CDN.

You could increase the speed of light… (

With no overhead at all, you’re looking at roughly 100 ms from Paris to LA. Add to the fact that it’s not a direct route, some routers along the way, possibly a DNS lookup…

200 ms is not that bad. You’d need to be physically closer to get faster times assuming you can’t change the speed of light. Maybe talk to the folks at the LHC with their faster-than-light neutrinos?

Good point :slight_smile:
We’ve been hosting our sites on google apps until now, and recently moved to wordpress. Our audience is international and we face perf issues when pages load.
Thanks to the answer of patricktan I’ve understood the concept of CDN.
I am looking at the wordpress plugin that can combine CDN and cache.

Thanks for your answer

You may want to consider using a host which offers colocation. Amazon is one of the big ones that does, with servers in Europe, US, and Asia.

you mean quitting dreamhost ?
or using a cdn ?


Depends on your needs. If 200ms is really too slow, then you’ll probably either need to get a VPS in the East Coast data centre if you want to stick with DreamHost, which might bring your ping time down 50ms or so, or move to a different host.

Moving to the East Coast data centre will make your ping time faster, but any customers you have in Australia, for example, will have longer ping times. Colocation at several data centres around the world is the only way to bring the load times down for everyone.

A CDN would help if your site is relatively static.