Ping Performance


Hi all, I’m a happy user of DH since 2005, I have at the 22 domains registered in and I use dreamhost to give my customers a professional service.

Now my needs are different from my initial needs. I need a good ping and fast web surfing; the problem is that I live in Italy and my customers are from Italy, than I guess I can’t improve the performance of my sites, but I hope is possible.
I use alameda and my ping are more thant 200 ms. How I can improve that?

Karim Gorjux :cool:


The only way you are going to improve your pings is to move hosting providers to a company whose servers are based nearer to your target audience. There’s nothing you can do to optimize your sites to get better pings, its just the time it takes the data packets to travel the geographical distances involved.


I thinked that the reason was just the distance… :expressionless: I can try to find something in Europe, but I really found an incredible service in dreamhost. Is there something similar in Europe?

Karim Gorjux :cool:


One thing you can do is try to improve the performance of your sites specifically for high latency situations.

My pings to DH from the East Coast of the U.S. are about 100ms. I know 200ms is twice that, but it’s certainly worth optimizing your site for moderate latency situations - doing so may yield surprising performance in moderately high latency situations.

Have you tried using Firebug and YSlow?

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