Pine with a non-shell account... best approach?


I have ssh access for my ‘master’ dreamhost login, and can run pine from that. I also have my own email,, but seeing as ‘matt’ was taken as a login, I’ve set it up via the mail->addresses panel, and use squirrelmail to read it. I’ve used pine for many years, but figured ‘ah well, probably time to get with the program and use webmail’.

A month later, I want pine back. :slight_smile: Its fast, simple, I like it and I miss it!

So, for a mail account setup in the above manner, ie, m1234567 which corresponds to my, whats the Most Correct way to access that mailbox via pine?



I did think about this, but ideally I’d like to keep my matt mail and my admin mail seperate. There’s also already a fair amount of mail in my matt account, moving it across to the admin email could be tricky.

Thanks for the quick reply though! I may end up falling back on that if no-one else suggets anything.



For anyone who needs this in future, the easiest way was to setup a new ssh account, ask dreamhost support to copy the old webmail inbox over, delete the webmail account, and edit the ssh email address from your support panel so that it takes on the original name.

Aaah… pine… safe, fast, familiar pine… :slight_smile:


You can set the inbox-path and folder-collection with /user=m123456 or something like that (in your .pinerc).

Ah, interesting. Would that’ve worked correctly permissions-wise? And on a slightly grumbly note, why didn’t the dreamhost support guys know about this solution?

Permissions are irrelvant - Pine on our system is always over IMAP anyway. The /user flag just changes the IMAP username you login as. Pine doesn’t have native Maildir support - you need to use mutt if you want to read your mail files directly.

If you have Pine related questions, feel free to ask support to pass them on to me.