Pine and IMAP/TLS

PINE is one of the email clients affected by the TLS changes in the recent IMAP upgrade. Here are directions for making PINE work with the new setup.

Apparently, PINE will not accept any self-signed certificate. Instead, you must tell PINE not to check the certificate. You can do this by going into Setup: Configuration, and changing the inbox-path option. Add “/novalidate-cert” to the end of the server name.

For example, if your inbox-path used to be {}INBOX, then you should “” as the new server name, and keep INBOX as the folder name.

Pine will accept it (on a per-session basis)- you just have to click past the warning. I believe it’s also possible to import the certificate, but that’s a bit trickier.

Unless you’ve overridden the default inbox-path or folder-collection by hand, you do not need to make any changes.

We have already added /novalidate-cert to the global config. If you don’t have inbox-path or folder-collection defined by hand in your .pinerc, please contact support if you’re still having this problem. One reason we maintain pine.conf separately is so that we can make changes to it if necessary.

Thanks! When I first wrote my message, novalidate-cert was not yet in the default config, but now everything works fine by default, without any custom changes.

Hrm - maybe you hadn’t quit Pine since I made the changes - they were made around 1 PM (Pacific) today.