Pine and general email questions



I have been with Dreamhost for some years now. I used to do a lot of web hosting with them but for at least 2 years now I have not really done any work in that area.

Currently my only major use of Dreamhost is for email, and for that I love using pine.

This week I screwed up and deleted a directory of mail. I have now found out that dreamhost no longer offer .snapshot file backups, and the only backups offered are of live managed domains.

Not a problem I thought. I only have a small amount of mail, so I could script a daily tar’ing of my mail, delete the .tar after two days, so be runing my own backups. After playing around it seems that all new mail is stored on the imap server, and that is not backed up either.

To be blunt it seems that if I want to keep using ssh & pine, I have to accept that I am paying a monthly fee for mail that is not going to be backed up. And I can no longer use unix tools on my Mail dir :frowning:

Is anyone else in this situation or is there a way to back things up on dreamhost that I am missing?


I still have my .snapshot directory. Did you look for yours?




Yes I did look and it’s not there. I was moved from Lilac to a new server several months ago, and snapshot is not on the new servers.

Support sent me this:
Unfortunately, our new servers use a different file system that does not
allow for the snapshot backups. This is mentioned at the top of the wiki
article above:

and the wikipage reflects this

The domain restore is only for files in the directory a domain points at.


Even with snapshot, I wouldn’t rely on them for a backup. You could use fetchmail to dump your mail to a file, and then download that file as a backup. Or scp it to a Backups User here.