Pinax and Django setup?

Hello oh wise Dreamhost community,

Has any one had any positive experiences deploying a Pinax application? I have set up Django successfully thanks to the wiki. And merged to build Pinax with out too many issues. But I have had no success deploying a Pinax app.

I have tried using both passenger and fastCGI with no luck. A basic Django application works, and the Pinax app work ok in the development server. However when I attempt to deploy the app, and I change the dispatch.fcgi script to load the Pinax environment I get a 500 Server error. I have similar issues trying the passenger deploy.

If any one has an example working dispatch.fcgi or passenger file I would love to see it.

Many thanks,


I would also like a solution to this.



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I’m having the same problem, but with django_registration . Runs fine in the development server, doesn’t run under the “real” server. See my thread here:

I found a fix for this and put it in the wiki here:

Interestingly, once I started putting the paste middleware between WSGI and django, the errors totally disappeared.