I have a question, and I’m sure I already know the answer to it.

I have about 8gb of pictures and random things. I can’t FTP/Sync that to my web account, I have to do it to to the backup account?

Also, while I’m at it, has anyone used Amazon Web Services for cloud storage?

Hints, Tips, Tricks, Ratings?


If it’s for offsite storage (i.e. backup), then you’ll have to use the backup account.

I don’t know much about Amazon cloud storage, other than I use it for my Dropbox ( account.


Yeah, I use Dropbox also. But when you look at what Dropbox pays Amazon for the storage, then charges you, it’s not worth it to upgrade.

But thanks for your response

I use my Backups user for offsite backups of some stuff, but USB drives for my full backups and rotate through them so I always have one offsite.

I use my free Dropbox account instead of my iDisk to sync between home and work. iDisk is slower and pretty flakey on my work computer.


Well, I backup with (everything). And the important things, I put on DVD and a portable hard drive.

I was just looking for another off site backup solution.

Backups user works great for that. It’s 50 gigs which is a hefty amount of space.