Pictures on the front page

Hello all.

I am now able to change to text on the front page of my newly inherited site. I am using Dreamweaver to edit the front page. It is a php based site. When I try to change the picture on the front page and transfer it to the site, it does net work. I can change the picture with one that is already in the images folder. I can add the picture that I want to the image folder then transfer it and still nothing.

So the new picture is in the image folder but will not transfer. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

I am trying to understand your question.

Do you mean that:

You can change the the picture locally.
You can upload the picture.
But you can’t see the new picture in the website (remote side)

If so, please check the picture’s path in your html codes. The path should be something like “images/xxx.gif”, but NOT “file:///D:/workshop/images/xxx.gif”

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Is the old picture still cached in your browser. Try clearing your browser’s cache.