Pictures of new datacenter?


Hello, i was looking at dreamhost but i noticed there are no images of the internal datacenter, it would be nice to know or at lest see the inside of the place the only images i could find where

Thanks for your help (if you can)[hr]
The Garland building would be ideal (if you could supply images of them) as thats where my vps node would be located. (according to a sales rep)


Those pictures are way old. Most of the equipment in there, if not all, has been decommissioned by now.

I’m not aware of any current pictures available to the public, but I’ll ask around to see if we’ve got any.


Great Thanks Andre, please keep me posted (id love to see!)

Interesting how technology changes over time (is the monkey still there?)


My sources tell me that the monkey moved to our office in Aon (downtown LA) a while back, and that photos are being gathered. I’ll post them here once I’ve got them.

Also, yay 2^10 posts. :slight_smile:


Great news on both the monkey and the images! :smiley: just made it 3 haha


Looking forward to seeing the pictures :smiley:


Just a quick follow up, would love to see the pictures soon :smiley: i keep checking the site everyday just in-case they have been posted…


These photos are fairly recent :stuck_out_tongue:


You might want to notice the date of that is APRIL 1, 2010… that blog post was last years April Fools Joke… read it, uget to the bottom and they are running dreamhost on a linksys home router? really… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that the last picture in that blog post (the one with the Linksys router) was actually taken in one of our datacenters.

The router is not standard equipment, though.


Heh glad is not standard (downtime would be horrible)

Looking forward to the final photos being published.


an update would be nice (from dreamhost)



an update (with pictures) would be nice.

Thank you


i now i’ve been watching this thread too. maybe there are no new pictures and andrewf was hallucinating?


I’m sure someone could post pictures of any large datacenter and most people would never know that it wasn’t Dreamhost’s


that’s true but one hopes DH staff wouldn’t do something so unprofessional


Indeed, if they did just post some random photos off google images id lose faith within the brand and move my sites else where.


really? because of pictures? the cleartext passwords are ok, but random pictures from google would be the last straw?

Sorry, I’m being a bit sarcastic!


Evidence of this?

in addition why are you still here if your unhappy with the service?


his evidence is from the 4/1/2010 blogpost that had random photos of how not to be a datacenter :wink:

who can truely be unhappy with a service that’s priced the way it is?