phpWebSite :: Any other users?

I am trying to install phpWebSite on one of my domains and am having some problems. I’m not sure if it is me or DreamHost’s setup.

Does anyone have any experiences with phpWebSite?
It looks interesting and I want to see if it is worth the effort or not.

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I have installed PHPWebsite from many times on Dreamhost, though not in the last couple of years. I abandoned it’s use due to the slow pace of updates, and it’s heavy memory requirements, feeling that if a PHPWebsite installation became popular it might create resource usage problems in Dreamhost’s shared server environments.

Since, I have used the excellent Joomla! (which is available here via a “one-click” install) because of the much greater number of readily available templates, the depth of the developer and user community, and large number of available components.

PHPWebsite was a good application when I last looked at it, and it installed then without any issues. It could well be that your “newer” versions of PHPWebste require special attention in the Dreamhost environment. If you tell us what kinds of “problems” you are having, maybe I can help get it sorted for you.


I see. I guess I didn’t realize the project was that old. the latest version was made available 2006-11-18.

I am getting
"The following directories need to be created:


under directory permissions but the dh is confusiong me. does dh = Dream Host?

I have set all the permissions correctly in all the default folders with those same names and even created these folders in a dh directory and I get nothing.

I am certainly in a quandry and perhaps you are right and I should go with Joomla. Business Card Web Sites, Hassle Free Web Design

Hmmm…That directory structure looks confusing to me too. I wouldn’t think the “dh” means “Dreamhost” (coincidence?), but that is rather a part of the overall application structure, or is somehow indicated by the install.

Given the recent release of a “newer” version of phpWebsite, if you would like for me to, I’ll take a look at it later this evening and give it a “test” installation so I can report back what is involved, ok?


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I uploaded the .tgz file and unzipped it from the command line. and as the instructions said moved the files to the root folder.

I unzipped a copy onto my harddrive to see the structure and there was no dh folder. Dream Host was the first thing I thought of when I saw the setup page.

If you feel like taking the time I would be happy to hear the results. Good luck.

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Did you do the test install? If so, where’s the report back?

Thanks for reminding me! Actually I did attempt a test installation, but was not completely successful.

  1. The “new” installer makes some assumptions that are not consistent with PHP running as CGI. The original poster’s error’s were caused by the way the installation script author derived a path (he “truncated” the $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’] variable to obrain the path for other parts of the install, and, of course, that didn’t work under PHP-CGI. That explains why the error messages included the /dh in the path (as it is part of the php.cgi path on Dreamhost.)

  2. I was able to get past that point by modifying the /setup/class/Setup.php file and replacing $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’] with $_SERVER[‘PATH_TRANSLATED’] in line 10 and line 441, allowing the correct path to be derived and the install to proceed.

3)After returning the directories and files to their “pre install-attempt” condition (except for my modified Setup.php file), dropping all the tables created by the failed install attempt (the installer borks if the database has any table in it - even ones that are not phpWebsite related :frowning: ), and running the installer again, the install proceeded without incident until the very end, where the final loading of the MySQL tables reported two “failures”. Inspecting the phpWebsite error logs revealed two errors were reported:

Error [notice] [-16] Core - PHPWS_Core::checkBranch() - Unable to verify source directory. Check PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR.
Error [notice] [-18] SELECT FROM XXX_branch_sites WHERE ( XXX_branch_sites.site_hash = ‘79816c4705e32f3117f1a8f46275de5b’ ) [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘phpwstest.XXX_branch_sites’ doesn’t exist]

I wrestled with trying to track down what code involved in producing those errors for a good while, and then got tired and gave up, not succeeding in determining the source of the errors. I mean, the messages are pretty clear - it is finding the code that needs to be tweaked in the installer to fix it, or deducing a workaround, that turned out to be difficult (at least for me).

To me, the whole exercise was a step backwards from the painless installation of the version .09 series of phpWebsite.

I may go back and attempt another run at debugging it, but I’m not real excited about the project as I am personally convinced that Joomla!, Xoops, and Drupal are all more robust solutions for my needs. Hopefully, my experience will help get someone who really wants to use this on DH started in the right direction.

Then again, I may have just been “brain fried” there at the end, and the code/process that generated the errrors at install might be readily apparent if I revisit it with a fresh perspective. :wink: