Phpsuexec or php module?

I am thinking about signing up for a dreamhost account I need to know if you guys use phpsuexec or have php installed as a module my website is dependand on it being a module so it would be great if that was the case.

wordpress (for instance) used by dreamhost doesn’t use phpsuexec itself ?

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Even you can install other modules,apps by yourself through the Unix/Debian shell. So there’s no limitation that you ‘can only use pre-installed goodies’,rather you can do mostly anything that meet the DH TOS.

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DH uses suexec and, as a result, the default configuration results in PHP running as CGI as your user. mod_php (PHP running as an apache module) is no longer available as a configuration from the control panel, though at present, you can still run mod_php (with the scripts running as user dhapache) as described here and here. These articles also have other explanatory info about PHP in the DH environment.