phpSmug and CURL Error 7

I have been using phpSmug [] to retrieve image URLs and caption from SmugMug successfully for the past 2 days but as of an hour ago I am receiving the following error:

PhpSmugCurlRequestProcessor: CURL Error 7: couldn’t connect to host (Error Code: 7)

I understand what the error means, and that the most common culpret is a firewall at Dreamhost, but why would it work fine for a couple of days and then start throwing this error, and how do I fix it?

P.S. More about the error
Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn’t connect to host (7)
Getting this error means that you have a firewall on your server blocking the connection. The port being used depends upon the module in use but for cPanel it would be 2086/2087, Plesk 8443, DirectAdmin 2222, etc… open for inbound and outbound connections on both the server WHMCS is installed on and the remote server being connected to. Please contact your server admin/hosting provider to open those ports.