Phprc and /home


I have instructions from my WordPress theme support to increase some of the settings currently active for our account’s PHP. According to them, I should be able to find a phprc file in the /home folder using FTP. However, using FileZilla, I am not seeing that file anywhere, and am not seeing a /home folder. I do see .bashrc and .cshrc in the root folder displayed after logging into the FTP.

So where is phprc??

John for illusorynj

Help! :slight_smile:

You have to create it yourself if it doesn’t already exist.


Thanks! I tried that and it did work. Everyone that I had talked to was assuming that I was looking at the wrong folder in FTP or not displaying hidden folders, because they all thought this folder HAD to exist. Note that it is not at ALL obvious in FTP that the root folder you’re seeing is actually the /home/[user] folder, but it is. In any case, creating the .php folder and the version child folder, and creating a phprc file did work.

When I searched differently on this forum, I did find a long post ostensibly about php.ini, which did state to create the folder.