I’m trying to install this script, and I am baffled…mainly because the whole concept of SQL confuses me…and I haven’t a clue what to do.

It says…
"fill the databases with the tables in nuke.sql file:

mysql nuke < nuke.sql"

Can someone tell me what that means?

You need to create a mySQL database and server for your nuke using Dreamhost’s panel first.

Wait for it to become active

While you’re waiting, go to one of the nuke support forums and spend a little time reading about installing nuke and what might go wrong., or are good places to start.

Once your database is ready to go, make sure the info is correct in your config file.

Follow the installation instructions. If you have set up your database correctly it will create the tables for you (it will seem a lot less confusing if everything is set up and ready to go).

Good luck.

One more thing… Maybe try postnuke instead… easier to install, less security problems.

Hi, I’ll try Postnuke, I don’t seem to be having much luck with PHPNuke, I kind of wanted to use that protal because I can aslo use PHPBB with it, and a ton of other modules and such which would be excellent for the site I am designing(A community site for a small town)

I have set it up and I believe I have put in all the right info into the config.php but all I seem to be getting is the default SQL error message…So, that leaves me baffled and confused.

The only setting I am not entriely sure of is

$dbhost = “mysql”;
That’s right I believe? I’m using whatever the default was…and the second setting is $dbpass I assume this means the password for the user I made since I don’t recall setting a password for the database it’s self?

Also, I only uploaded the HTML folder out of the ZIP…I wasn’t sure if upgrades and sql was supposed to be uploaded…but I didn’t think so.

I tried installing PostNuke as well…I guess I am just a complete idiot, because I am doing SOMETHING wrong with the SQL…I don’t know if it’s the host I’m getting wrong…

Oh! Thanks, i’ll try the full url with the host…I didn’t even think of that.

Also, how do you mean? In regards to taking care of $dbname? Thanks bunches…I’ll let you know if this works here in a sec after I try it :slight_smile:

Great! That apparently worked! :slight_smile: Now i’m just getting all kinds of errors telling me I have incorrect path’s to the templates and stuff…

Since this is the first time i’ve installed a portal script, I think I may just try postnuke since someone said earlier that the install was easier…heh


you can use pnPHPbb with postnuke, same thing, just the port for postnuke. There probably aren’t as many modules and blocks for postnuke as phpnuke but there are a lot including galleries, calendars. Both have rich user communities. Postnuke is probably used more with education and non-profits.

Try getting a script called analyzer.php from and place it in the root of your nuke install and see what it tells you, it may help you troubleshoot your errors. Make sure the root of your nuke is defined in your settings too. Don’t forget to remove the analyzer script after you use it.