Hiya, has anyone got PHPNuke running sucessfully on DH? If so could you post what you used in config.php and any other install procedures you had to go through?



I’ve had a look at PHPNuke but in the end, I decided to use phpBB ( which looks a bit better IMHO and had better support (read: it solved my problems). I just followed the instructions on the install document and got it up and running in a few minutes (plus a few hours to tweak the layout to my liking :slight_smile:

Have a look at it at

Aaron “Optimizer” Digulla

PHPNuke integrates with phpbb, one isn’t really a replacement for the other. But it’s definetly PHPNukes functionality that I want.

I’ve helped people with PHPNuke before. I remember not being particularly impressed. Then again, I’m no huge fan of PHP…

Anyhoo, it should be fine. Keep in mind that we aren’t going to add any PHP modules for it.

You may need to run it as CGI. It’s easy, just put:

AddType php-cgi .php

in the root dir. More info on PHP/security/running it as a CGI:


hi there -
i had a phpnuke site running (version 6 has an easy install, but you have to set up the mysql database before you start). i have migrated to postnuke, which has some more features (like dynamic user data fields) which i need for my purposes. fwiw, the phpnuke community seems to be more active and has more people developing, but the platform has less structure than the postnuke platform, so you can’t always be sure something will work when they update the core features.

if you want a link to what i’ve built let me know.