Phpnuke titancore ion cube loader problem



On my site, I run phpnuke, and I run a custom module for phpnuke called TitanCore. TitanCore is the league software that runs everything on the site.

TitanCore is closed source ion cube compiled php code, which uses the ion cube loader ( ) to decode the php when you access it.

Up until yesterday and for the last year and a half TitanCore has worked fine on the site, but starting today it just hangs and does nothing when you request any page that relies on the ion cube loader. Specifically, if you click on any links that involve TitanCore, the browser just tries and tries to get the page forever, and never times out, but also never comes up with the page.

I can’t figure out why it just decided to stop working. There is no support for TitanCore because it’s defunct now, but if anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this, or what might be causing it to happen, I’m all ears.



There is always the danger of this happening with “closed source” encrypted code…if it breaks, only the developer can dig into it to see what the problem might be.

The only thing I can suggest is to try to see what might have changed on your server, and see if you can deal with that - you can’t do much else with “locked” code from a “defunct” vendor, sorry! :frowning:



Yeah … :expressionless: Well I have put in a ticket to ask DH if they have changed anything on the server. I certainly didn’t change anything.