Phpnuke Help

Hey, I reinstalled my old phpnuke on DH. IT worked perfectly on boht my comp and my old host. However, it doesnt work with DH. Does anyone have any experience with using nbuke on DH?

My site is this:

Everything works perfectly, BUT none of my modules can be accessed. The custom made modules work… but the original ones do not work. Same with my admin panel. It keeps on saying access denied… Could it be that DH has a different version of php or apache?.. Help! lol

Did you find a solution to this?

Are you running nuke (or your domain) as php-cgi?

I am having similar issues. FYI: The (chatserv security) patched 7.x 7.4 does not run as php-cgi, the “out of the box” version should.

I need to run as php-cgi so I can run Gallery as a module (that’s the only way it will work because of basedir restrictions). Everything worked great until I applied the patches. I have a message into support about this.