Phpnuke..cant make admin, but regular user is ok?

hi guys, just wanted to share a little about myself before we begin.

I had very basic HTML experience in the early days of the internet with free hosting provided by angelfire and geocities and decided to spur on the promotion by DH this week. In only 2 days, I learned quite a lot about how much the hosting side has evolved. PHP seems like a new trend and I’m really willing to learn. I have installed PHPBB with a few hurdles, but now I’m happy it works :slight_smile:

My big problem now is to get PHPNUKE to work. I installed everything fine, I ran all the tests: analyze.php, test.php, and connecttest.php which all report that mysql is up and running, my dbname, pw and user id are all right. But the darn thing is I can’t make a super user account! Last night I made a regular user account and I checked my gmail this morning and registered without a hitch (although I had to change to my webpage). I tried going into PHPmyADMIN and added a row as a user, but it just doesnt work :frowning:

Also, whenever I try adding a new super admin I am brought to the login page and when I type all my user id and pw in, it says that “There are no Administrators Accounts yet, proceeed to create the Super User:”

When I go into PHPmyADMIN and browse the nuke_user data, I can see my failed user attempts with increasing memberid (which is at about mid 20s now).

Has anyone got PHPNUKE to work on their site and if so, how or what I am doing wrong? Thank so much!!