Phpnuke and MySQL

I’m not an expert in this area but there must be a logical reason why my phpnuke cms and all modules within it worked fine at my old host running MySQL 3 but not here.

It obviously has to do with the different MySQL versions, but what?

Does it have something to do with the charset or collation settings? Not sure what this latin1_swedish_ci is but it seems everything should be set to UTF-8 Unicode. Why is it not by default?

I have not read anywhere yet that phpnuke is not compatable with any version of MySQL, so why am I having so many problems here getting it all to work?

My site was built by me for my family to come and keep in touch with eachother and there has been much added there by them over the years that I don’t want to delete so finding a new cms or starting over with the current one is not an option. I just want things to work! I’m willing to put in the time to fix it but I need some direction.

Can anyone help?

sounds like MySQL 4 should work too.

[quote]so why am I having so many problems here getting it all to work?


Kind of a loaded question. :smiley: Did you RTFM and follow it?

[color=#00CC00]ANONYMOUS0 => Max Discount[/color], [color=#6600CC]ANONYMOUS2 => Max Discount less $1[/color] or Cut the code, [color=#CC0000]it’s their birthday:[/color] [color=#00CC00]9999 => $99.99 Off[/color]

As I suspected, it was something very simple!

All I needed to do was ad this simple line of code at the end of the mainfile.php file,
and every dam thing started working 100%

Can’t believe an idiot like me figured this out and nobody else could?

Anyway, I hope this helps some other poor lost person struggling to get there phpnuke working here!