PHPNuke ack ack

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I recently sent this to the support. wondering if you can help in regards to what i sent them. Here it is:

Hello. I recently installed PHPNuke with an SQL database that i created through dreamhost. It appears that there is some kind of security issue or perhaps a server software related issue going on here. Other people have posted this problem on your forum about the issue. I installed multiple variations of the PHPNuke software i.e. versions 7.3-7.5. Created multiple different databases. Checked all configurations to make sure that everything is ok on my end. I even had an expert for the PHPNuke software/SQL Databases start from scratch on my account to try and get the software to run correctly with your host using the same configurations that he has used on multiple other domain host sites with success, but to no avail with dreamhost. I checked your forums and knowledge base. They were of no help. Hence why the guy who posted about this issue hasnt received a reply. Here is the problem so far: the site is If you take a look at it, and click the modules to the left you will get this error “You can’t access this file directly…” Then, when trying to create an admin super user, the site loops back to the same page. All of the actual PHPNuke configurations are correct, otherwise the site would not be up at all. When receiving the error stated above, it kind of leans toward more of a security issue. I have allowed full access to all in my FTP for those particular modules/files to see if that was the issue and it didnt fix it either. I even allowed full cookies on my computer to rule out that issue. Any suggestions on why this is occurring? Thanks!

Make sure you are running php as cgi?

It’s not an issue of DreamHost specifically. My primary website uses PHP-Nuke 7.2, and I had no problems getting it up and running here.