PHPNuke 8.0 issues



I’m essentially a rookie webadmin for a friend of mine who knows even less about running a website than I do. I installed PHPNuke 8.0 because he needed a portal that required no knowledge of HTML or PHP to update. The only problem is in the Firefox web browser (IE looks great). I get odd lines of nonsense text, not coding, but repeating characters between the tables. I submitted a topic to PHPNuke’s forum, but it’s been a couple of days and I haven’t gotten a response yet.

I’m using PHP version 5.2.2, and the nonsense text is “” repeating.

If anyone knows what’s going on here, and can help, that’d be great.


Can you provide a lilnk to the site in question so we can see the problem “in the wild” and inspect the generated source code?

Also, I’m just curious - why PHP Nuke? :wink:



The site can be found at

I picked PHPNuke because I’ve heard some good things about it in the past. I’ve never really looked into a portal before now though, so if you’ve got any other suggestions, I wouldn’t mind looking into them. :slight_smile:


Without seeing the site, perhaps it’s the template that’s messed up.



It looks like an encoding issue. Note that the page is set to render the code using the “Western=ISO-8859-1” character set, when it should be using UTF-8.

In the code for your template/theme (I forget what PHPNuke calls the thing now), look for the line:<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">and replace it with:<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">and you should be “good to go”.

You can “review” the effects of this in FireFox by loading the page (it will have the garbage characters showing), then use the FireFox Menus “View->Character Encoding->Unicode (UTF-8)” setting to see the page rendered properly. :wink:

I used various flavors of PHPNuke years ago, but now use Joomla! for general “portal” stuff - it works “great”, I think it is coded with higher quality, and it being available as a “one-click” install makes it a “breeze” even for non-technical folks on DreamHost.



Well, that’s odd. For starters, something’s happening before the DOCTYPE tag, but only in Firefox. Source view in Safari shows nothing.

That looks like the standard template for PHP Nuke, and I don’t get the characters on the PHPNuke home site.

Did you add any extra modules? I see the footer says it’s copyright 2005 by Francisco Burzi. That in itself looks suspicious. I suggest you download a fresh 8.0 copy from or go with some other CMS such as Joomla, which is available here as a One-Click install (much easier).



PHPNuke’s site is also ISO-8859-1 coding, but looks fine in Firefox.



AH! Good catch! Defrinite weirdness though, as setting the encoding to UTF-8 “fixes” it in FireFox. Hmmmm… Voodoo at play :wink:



Oh dear. I’ll look into Joomla then, since most of our userbase uses Firefox, and I don’t think they’d want to mess with their browser encoding settings.

Also, the string in question had the charset as “._CHARSET.” which I’m assuming is setting it to whatever the browser is set to. Thanks for the help.

It’s been like this since the fresh install.


IT is normal for the browser to render in different encodings as is set by the code in the page being displayed - it happens all the time and is completely transparent to the user. The browser determines what character set to use to display the page depending upon that setting in the page’s code - so you would be doing nothing “harmful” to your users, or requiring them to do anything at all by changing the character set in that line of code. :wink:

Ah! Sounds lilke a little PHPNUke template goodness at play, and I do not know how that is working in this case. :wink:



I have no idea either. PHP really isn’t my area of specialty. All the courses I’ve taken in regards to website design and management only covered .ASP, so I’m learning PHP as I go.