Phpnuke 7.8 - pages not showing

I just recently moved a freshly designed site(phpnuke 7.8) out to dreamhost. However, none of my pages are showing up. When looking at the page source, it’s loading the header information just nothing else. This was posted by Chris Karakas of Phpnuke “Your site sends only the headers when a redirection happens. So this is a PHP problem of your site and not a PHP-Nuke problem.”

Anyone familiar with this or know how I can fix it? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you post the url or your site so we can take a look? Also, often the ftp of the site can introduce errors, depending upon the character’s used for newline, etc. You might try re-ftping the files, making sure they are using “unix” line-endings, and making sure they all make the trip properlyh in “ascii” mode.

Thanks for the quick response! Here’s the url to my site

I will have to try re-ftping. That would be great if that was the problem!

You are welcome. It looks for all the world as though your files have not gotten properly ftp’d to your new site. I just checked the urls and noted that the index.php is truncated at the end of the tag (immediately after the “”).

A little exploring via viewing the source that does return reveals that:

  1. appears to workk fine, as it shows the indicated .css file

  2. however does not work, returns a 404 not found.

I don’t know if you are doing any url re-wrting via .htaccess, but if you are not, the above tests indicate rather convincingly that somehow your site structure did not survive the ftp attempt (some directories/files did not get transferred), and that makes me think some of the files themselves may have also been truncated. It might help us help you to know what ftp client you are using. Additionally, a couple of suggestions:

  1. Have you compared the filesizes of the files now on the server and the local copies of the files?

  2. Are you sure your local copies of files/directories are complete (files not truncated on your system and all directories present)?

  3. Is the site still up and running at the previous host?

I really think the solution to your problem lies somewhere in those areas.

Keep us posted on what you learn, and I’m sure some of the experts here can help get you running.


Well it’s always the simple things isnt it hehe. That was it! I was using smartFTP which for whatever reason was not transferring correctly. I pushed everything out again using it and the site came up this time however a bunch of images were broken. All files had made it out, just not completely. After a few failed attempts, I downloaded WS_FTP, repushed the images and everything is looking good now.

Thanks for all your help rlparker!