Phpnuke 7.6 admin error

Hello there guys. Anyone had phpnuke 7.6 installed. I installed a fresh copy and everything works out except for the admin side. I successfully logged in but under the modules administration, it says access denied. Any suggestion?


turn off php-cgi or install the latest chatserv patches (2.9) to fix.

Actually that will fix it, but then you wont get applications such as Gallery to work when you turn off ‘php as cgi’. If you read this thread you will see how to fix this issue in the PHP code.

You have to change a variable in a few files then you are good. Its something with the way the server is configured.

From that thread:

[quote]if anyone hasnt concluded this post, i happen to run PHP as CGI and this was my fix --> Php.ini

cgi.fix_pathinfo= 1 & cgi.force_redirect = 1[/quote]
But, can php.ini be accessed? I asked about this earlier and got no responses.

It is true that Gallery will not work at Dreamhost unless you run PHP as CGI. The new patches I referred to; 2.9 also take care of the [SCRIPT_NAME] issues. So, you can use those patches and run your site as PHP-CGI.