Hi Guys,

I created a database in phpmyadmin and gave 2 other people access to the database.I am looking for a 3rd party software I can use to connect to this database? so the front end is more user friendly for the other 2 people, one has windows and one person has a Mac.
(like maybe LibreOffice or something like that)
Thanks for any help

I actually find phpMyAdmin to be pretty user friendly. It’s a database, and databases are somewhat complex. Once you get the hang of the interface, you can stick to a couple of steps to do what you want.

What is it that your users want to do with the database?

They just need to add names of members and payments.

Giving your users direct access to the SQL database for that is probably a bad idea. Tools like phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench are really built first and foremost as system-administrator tools, not as data entry systems.

You’ll do much better to put together a web interface (using something like PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Django) to allow these users to add information to the database.