Can not login to phpMyAdmin for my mysql database.

I keep getting the follwing message.

Wrong username/password. Access denied.

How can I unlock the account so I can access my dtabase?

Username and password is whatever is assigned in the panel under Goodies -> Manage MySQL.


I have used the username and password and I still get the previous message every time I try to login.

That image link shows nothing.
If you click on Goodies -> Manage MySQL, you’ll get a list of databases you have. In the next column is a hyperlink for the user(s) with access to the database. If you click that link, you’ll get info on their permissions, which hosts can access ( is one of them), and their password…yes, in plain text…doh
But that’s what’s set up for you and had better work.


i quite often get that then after an hour or so its working again. I think it has something to do with updating phpmyadmin since it happened to me when they updated it