hey… im going to the the host i setup ( but mydomain is actually my domain :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it doesn’t load PHPMyAdmin just times out… yet… if i access MySQL through the command line it works fine ( that’s what i have been doing just a bit of a pain to make changes to a single row in a huge database )

I also tried MySQL Admin but that wasn’t able to connect… so That was a bust… anything else I can try? Thanks

If it’s a brand new domain, then it’ll take a while for DNS to propagate. You can also try:


alright… thanks that link worked… so i think something is messed with the redirect… and its not a new domain…already properly propagating and everything… so…i dono…

but thanks again

I had this same problem several times, on a dedicated server. Support suggested to restart the http (apache) services, from the webpanel, and it worked. I have to do it again from time to time…