Hi guys,

Im trying to move my site over to dream host now…

I’ve backed up all my databases from my old host, which uses cPanel, and phpMyAdmin…

But how do i access phpMyAdmin on my dreamhost account?

My nameservers still point to my old host for now, so would just like to setup the databases on dream host - is there an http://IP you can use to view your site.

Any advice would be great.




You need to create a database first. For example, if your database name is ‘pie’ and it’s under ‘’, you can access PHPmyadmin for that particular database through:


Be aware that it will take quite a long wait untill you can access it through phpMyAdmin. It will be accessible for your applications - let’s say phpBB, you will be able to install everything - but not for phpMyAdmin for several hours.

I read here a nice tip about pre-creating DBs and keep them “stocked” so you won’t be punching the wall while wait…

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have have the database ready, in zip/gzip/sql

I just want to upload it :frowning:

i cannot access — as i have not changed my nameservers over yet, its still looking to my old host.


If you know how to, use SSH to do it.

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If you want to do any useful work with your new domain, you will need to either:

a. Change the DNS to point to the new nameservers, or
b. Create a subdomain (such as on the domain.

If you go the (b) route, you can then create a MySQL hostname with that, eg., and setup your database. You access phpMyAdmin by browsing to the hostname and entering your username and password.

Once everything is ready, you can change your DNS to point to the new site, create a MySQL hostname from your own domain, and then alter your code to reflect the change of hostname.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


I tried that a few days ago when migrating my site to DH (Take a look at this thread).
It didnt work. At the end, looks like it was some issue with DH Nameserver at that time…

I have to try again when I have some time so can figure out how it works.

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Well it worked for me. I’ll admit it is a P.I.T.A., but it shouldn’t be a problem. Do it like this:

  1. Purchase and setup hosting plan - don’t alter DNS yet
  2. Setup subdomain -
  3. Setup MySQL hostname -
  4. Get your site and database up and running
  5. Copy your working site from to that you setup originally
  6. Point your DNS to DreamHost nameservers - the site should work as soon as propagation is done
  7. Setup new MySQL hostname -
  8. Alter the hostname in the code of your site (should be seamless)

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog