Here are my questions:
Can I install it, and is there anything special I should know before I do?

phpMyAdmin is installed automatically for you when you setup a database. For example, if you create a database at hostname, all you need to do to access phpMyAdmin is to browse to that subdomain and enter your username/password combination to access it.

Simon Jessey
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It’s installed and maintained by default on all MySQL DBs. Just goto the DB hostname in your browser.

For example, if your db is:

Ok, thank you very much for your replies.

Well, now I’ve got another problem. I’ve waited over an hour, and whenever I try to go the the database in order to use phpmyadmin, the page doesn’t exist.

It will, it can take a couple/few hours. A lot of stuff in the control panel is done in patch to ease the load of the servers. The batches run every 1-3 hours or so. I don’t know the exact time, but it’ll show.

Ok, it’s showing now, thanks again!