I run a phpBB and am in the process of adding a mod to it. As part of the install, I need to run the following in PhpMyAdmin so I am told.

#-----[ SQL ]------------------------------------------

ALTER TABLE phpbb_forums ADD forum_parent INT NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’;

My question is, do I need to upload a PhpMyAdmin to my server to run this query, or, does Dreamhost already have something here for me to use?


phpmyadmin is allready installed! just go to the host name that you set up in a internet bowser, and that will get you phpmyadmin. you’ll need to log in with the DB user name/pass.


Where do I go to it though? Where do I place that host name to get me to the DB?

It should prompt you for user name and password.
I use my own phpmyadmin because
a) It’s probably the newest version
b) I can manage all of my databases from one link

You’ll need to make sure it’s in a password protected directory though.

as above, just put that host name in like a url. instead of oging to go to


I have tried this all sorts of ways. - no go

I must be doing something simple wrong. anybody see it?

OK…the hostname is the same one I used when I set loaded my phpBB to Dreamhost, right? I have all the info from my board but still cannot find the phpMyAdmin using the dbhost.

TY Bob S

As I said, I know it had to be something as easy as this. I just cold not see it.