Hello all, new here, complete newbie when it comes to command lines etc, so please go easy on my question.

Now I’ve read on the forums how to get things I want to do, except getting phpmyadmin showing up.

I’ve not yet propagated my domain name, would that cause the lack of phpmyadmin?

Once I get there I can sort things out I think. Thanks.

You create your database from the goodies->mysql control panel. Wait for the new subdomain to propagate, then click on the link from the goodies->mysql database and it will bring up phpMyAdmin


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So I do need to let it propagate through otherwise I can’s see everything is working?

You’ll have to wait for the domain name to propagate. Once it does, you can either click the database name in Goodies/MySQL as stated above, or just navigate your browser to the database URL. Either way, you’ll be taken straight to the phpmyadmin interface.

Sweet worked fine.

I have had the same problem. I am still somewhat confused though. I am going to move my existing domain but I want to get my site set up entirely first. To accomplish this, I set up a temporary subdomain I cannot access the database i created over the web for my main domain, but I can for the subdomain.

How then, once I change the DNS servers to point to my new site, do I “rename” the temporary subdomain to my main host? Is this automatic?

P.S. - I did follow instructions to make the subdomain a ‘mirror domain’ of the main site. So am I correct in assuming that everything I do to the subdomain also applies to the main one?