phpMyAdmin upgraded?

I see phpMyAdmin was upgraded. I thought that it would be nice…since it certainly looks nicer. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug that’s driving me crazy.

When I search for records in a table, it gives me the results. I can then select to edit one. In the old version, it would go back to the result list after I edited it. In the new one, it doesn’t. Now it will show ALL the records (with the fields I selected). It ignores my search criteria. WHAT A PAIN IN THE @$$!!! If I want to edit multiple records, now I have to either remember to open a new window/tab each time (which I often forget to do) or I have to search all over again from the beginning.

Can you guys PLEASE either give us the old version back until this is fixed or fix this huge bug?


well for the old phpMyAdmin, i can import like 4 mb mysql files, but now i can’t even import 1.25 mb mysql