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I have to upload a sql file using phpMyAdmin and I don’t know what that is or where I find it. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction.

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Thanks for the help, now how do I run a file? I went to query and imported the paypal.sql file is that the same as run a file? I’m trying to install a oscommerce mod and the instructions tell me to run paypal.sql using phpMyAdmin. Their forum told me to check with my host but I’ve been unable to find any instrustions on how to run a file using phpMyAdmin

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Point browser to database host.
Log in.
On left hand panel, click on name of database.
Click SQL tab on the right.
Import paypal.sql, or copy and paste content of sql file into the run SQL queries box.
Click Go.
Log out when finished.
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Thanks for your help. I did it twice to make sure. Learn something new everyday.

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