phpMyAdmin not working


I can’t access the phpMyAdmin database control panel, neither through the link on [], nor via the direct mySQL host URL.

When I enter my username and password, it won’t recognize it. I know that the login data for the DB is correct, since the access through php scripts is still working. I just can’t access the phpMyAdmin with that same login data.

Anyone else (ever) had that problem?

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I am having the same problem accessing phpmyadmin.

I CAN connect through the command line prompt and through my scripts BUT NOT through phpmyadmin to any of my dbs on various mysql servers.


I am having the same problem. I submitted a support ticket about half an hour ago, so I expect it will be dealt with soon. PHP is having no trouble accessing the database, so it seems to be a problem that is phpMyAdmin-specific.

Simon Jessey
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Thanks - comforting to know I’m not the only one with that problem.

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I have just experienced this and I was freaking out.
My database is up and running smooth. Just can’t access to phpMyadmin…


PHPMyAdmin was acting dumb. I fixed it.



Thanks for the updates!
In DH control panel, I couldn’t check my Disk Usage and MySQL database. Just no response after clicking it.


Thanks for fixing this!

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As of 3:30 Eastern Time, I can’t get past the authentication box (using the correct username and password). I’m on dollar


As of 7:14 Eastern Time, it’s still not working


Sorry, Nate, but I still cannot get anywhere with it. I cannot get past the authentication prompt (which asks me for username/password for phpMyAdmin running on localhost).

Therefore, I can assume that (a) the problem was fixed and it has now recurred, or (b) it wasn’t fixed in the first place. I’m inclined to think it was the former. I shall submit another support ticket, since the first one has been closed.

Simon Jessey
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A couple machines needed an extra kick in the pants.

I went through the support queue and spot tested cases, everything seems to be working for really-real now. Really.



Woohoo! All is now well with the world.

Simon Jessey
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Had trouble with phpmyadmin as well - it’s up and working again now. thx!