Phpmyadmin not responding

Anyone having problems with phpMyAdmin?

My issue is time-outs. Ever since they switched the UI, I get time-outs on just about every query, even the most simple. Support tells me it’s the load on the database server that’s causing the issue but I don’t see how that’s possible since queries on the actual web site are not delayed. Furthermore, this problem started happening exactly when they switched the UI, which doesn’t point to the db server as the root problem. They’ve offered to move my database to another machine but I don’t trust their diagnosis so I am reluctant. Does their explanation make sense?

Are you using DreamHost DNS? I use Cloudflare and just noticed that some of my database server IP addresses have changed. While my sites have been working, I couldn’t connect using phpMyAdmin. Now that I’ve updated my IP addresses at Cloudflare, phpMyAdmin is working now.

Thanks for posting.

I use DH for my DNS. Looking at my DNS I see an entry for “mysql” which is Is there anything I can/should do to verify phpMyAdmin is pointing to the right place?

msherwoo, are you on the shared mysql or a mysql vps?

I’m on shared mysql.

The status with Support is that they discovered that my situation revealed a bug somewhere so it’s not a configuration or user error issue. They are still researching it. I’ll update this thread once they get back to me.