Phpmyadmin / mysql issue - NOW how do I access it all?

Alright, so you know when you get to doing something, but before that you need to do something else, but before that you need to do something else, and it snowballs? Right, so here’s my situation and I’ll be as brief as can be with still giving you the background information that might be needed.

  1. I one-click installed WP on one of my domains. I didn’t get the password link to work. I clicked to get a new password sent to me a few times, waited, still nothing. Searched the forum, it’s suggested I delete the old WP install and try again. Then I came across big [color=#FF0000]red letters[/color] that warn that you’ll be deleting the whole website. Not a big deal, there was nothing there, but I DO have other stuff hosted on the server (other sites) that kind of had me worried I would lose a lot more than my one site’s information and then I thought ok, it’s time to back this stuff up anyway. I grabbed an FTP client, got to moving over all the files from the important sites I wouldn’t want messed with.

  2. With them being WP sites I wanted to backup the databases as well. Well…I don’t know how. I think I remembered that if I logged into phpMyAdmin there was an option to save everything. I don’t know what my login is for it. Like…absolutely no idea.

SO…my three questions are Is there any way to recover the phpMyAdmin login information, Am I correct in assuming that once I get that I’ll be able to go in there and backup my MySql database, and Once I save/backup/download the database information and have saved (through FTP) all the site files have I effectively backed up the website in case something goes awry?

Thanks in advance, sorry about the long-winded post, just trying to cover the bases!

I would suggest you to open a ticket on to have your account investigated properly the first issue (getting the password for the wordpress site, getting access to phpMyAdmin).

As for backing up WordPress, you don’t need to touch directly the database. Read this blog post:

Ipstenu has an excellent plugin that will back up your WP files and database to a DreamObjects bucket. If your files and database are not huge, you can keep a lot of backups in one for literally pennies a month. I use it on all my WP sites and recommend it, primarily because it’s easy to use and does all its work in the background. (It’s almost like one of those Ronco rotisseries: just set it and forget it.)

thank you very much for the help, it’s much appreciated! i will follow up