Phpmyadmin login problem at seabiscuit

Can’t login. the so called “hack” works, but many pages are not working.

Database on the site itself works fine.

also tried to create another host,nothing… :-<

How new is your domain?

You say it’s a phpMyAdmin problem. Pages not working is not a phpMyAdmin issue. pMA is only for manually exploring your database.

So far, there’s not much to go on unless you give more info, such as:
Did this ever work?
How did you set it up?
To which so-called “hack” are you referring?
How do you know the database on the site itself works fine (in spite of the fact that “many pages are not working”?


I’ve excetly the same problem as this dude.
Setting up different hostnames doesn’t work.
I always get ‘Wrong username/password’. Even with new accounts and I’m pretty sure the details are right.
It did work in the past, I host my site at dreamhost for like a week and since yesterday it isn’t working.

ya, same here, IE return me page not found, I wonder how long can it be fix, i in urgent need for the phpmyadmin.