PhpMyAdmin InnoDB foreign keys

I have a database setup with 3 tables all in InnoDB. There is basically a master table and then 2 lookup tables where I lookup things such as the location by location_id and department by department_id. I have set foreign keys up for them in the main table so that they are linked to the lookup tables for referential integrity. I was looking on some other site where they turned on like ‘referential lookup’ or a setting similar where when you do an insert through PhpMyAdmin in the main table the fields that have foreign keys assigned to them give you a drop down list with the options from the other table. This way you don’t have to look back and forth as to what id is assigned to which entry. I know that I can create a form and basically make this myself but it would be faster if I could just do it through PhpMyAdmin because these won’t be updated too often. Has anyone had any success doing this or any suggestions?