Phpmyadmin hostname stops working

I setup a new website just recently - the phpmyadmin was working properly when I developed the website and got it into production.

Unfortunately, now when I go to my Dreamhost account and click on the phpmyadmin link, I get redirected to the default Apache page - you know, when nothing is actually loaded in the directory and Apache returns its default page.

This is really problematic - I need to do some operations in phpmyadmin and I don’t see a way to re-setup phpmyadmin - it seems the hostname is broken or somehow the phpmyadmin directory stopped working -

any help is SO appreciated.

Have you submitted a support ticket for this problem?

Also, have you tried generating a new mysql hostname and using phpmyadmin on it?

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In addition to what lensman suggested, you might try browsing to:

instead of just If DNS is the issue, this should still let you into PhpMyAdmin until you can re-generate the hostname.