phpMyAdmin Features or lack thereof?

Having some difficulties with my long term webhost’s mySQL setup and trying to optimize and make my largest website more efficient. No doubt, I am part of the problem, however, am thinking they have things locked down quite a bit.

Have been using DH for some smaller efforts to diversify just in case. So thought I would do some comparisons between hosts in case I wanted to move my largest website over.

Right off the bat though am seeing maybe DH has things locked down even more.

My other webhost instance of phpMyAdmin at the HOME level provides the following features.

The phpMyAdmin navbar in my DH account at the HOME level only has Databases, SQL, Export, Import, and Charsets. (Sorry, new community member only allowed to post one image/upload, :frowning: ). Hmmm… what am I missing? Having the STATUS feature helps me find inefficiencies in the database(s).


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