phpMyAdmin Fail


I have been using PuTTy to SSH into my data base on my DreamHost account for the past few months and it has been working fine.

Yet, when I tried to log into it today, it seems to be all a mess. It said I should update my phpMyAdmin, so I did, and I’m running the most current version, but it is still suggesting that I install the most update to date version.

You can see in the screenshot below that things are not right. I am hoping to get this quickly resolved.

Thanks for the help!


Just out of my own interest, how have you updated your version of phpMyAdmin? Are you on VPS / Dedicated?


I deleted everything (other than than my setup.ini - not the exact file name, I forget what it is off hand) in the phpMyAdmin folder, and then extracted the newest versions files into it and replaced the newest setup.ini with mine.

I am not on a dedicated / VPS.

phpMyAdmin looks and works perfect on localhost, but as soon as I connect to my DreamHost database through Putty and an SSH channel, it goes batty.